1、Whatare the requirements for being a foreign member of CMAC Panel of Arbitrators?

According to Arbitration Law of the P.R.C, an arbitrator shall meet one of the conditions set forth below:

(1) He or she has passed the national uniform legal profession qualification examination and obtained the legal profession qualification, and conducted the arbitration work for eight years or more;

(2) To have worked as a lawyer for at least eight years;

(3) He or she has served as a judge for eight years or more;

(4) To have been engaged in legal research or legal education, possessing a senior professional title; or

(5) To have acquired the knowledge of law, engaged in the professional work in the field of economy and trade, etc.,

possessing a senior professional title or having an equivalent professional level.


2、Isthere any charge for the applicationfor joining in the Panel of Arbitrators?

No, CMAC does not charge for the application or the membership.


3、How to apply for membershipof CMAC Panel of Arbitrators?

Please apply here: