Mediation is one type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), where a neutral person helps parties resolve their dispute and reach a negotiated settlement at the end. Based upon the consent of parties, mediation is a flexible and voluntary approach. The settlement agreement can be confirmed in an arbitral award which is binding and enforceable.

Under the CMAC arbitration rules, where parties wish to mediate, the arbitral tribunal may mediate the dispute during the arbitral proceedings. The combination of arbitration and mediation system enables parties to move forward quickly.   

CMAC established four mediation centers, including Maritime Mediation Center, Aviation Dispute Mediation Center, Logistics Dispute Mediation Center, Fishery Dispute Mediation Center. Experts specializing in these fields can provide professional and efficient service for parties and encourage them to reach an agreement.

In order to resolve disputes with effectiveness, flexibility and low costs, CMAC cooperated with two people’s courts, Shanghai Maritime Court and Guangzhou Maritime Court to set up Entrusted Mediation Mechanism. Upon the agreement of the parties, the people’s courts may entrust CMAC to mediate the cases submitted to the courts.

The advantages of mediation

  •  controllability of the outcome of the disputes
  •  strengthens communication between parties
  •  time-saving
  •  cost-efficient
  •  confidential process
  •  enables parties to resolve disputes through amicable negotiation