On 10 March 2018, the third Shanghai International Arbitration Forum, co-hosted by China Arbitration Institute of China University of Political Science and Law, Association of CEIBS Alumni International Trade and Intellectual Property Protection and Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law Firm, was held in Shanghai. The Secretary General of China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) Mr. Gu Chao, upon invitation, attended the high-end Forum and gave a speech in the section “Enhance the Credibility of Arbitration and Promote Sustainable Economic Development”.


Mr. Gu Chao pointed out that CMAC as the only national professional maritime arbitration commission in China, to promote the “The Belt and Road”, “marine power” and other national initiatives and the national implementation of the strategy, operated independently in 2017. As a starting point, CMAC adhere to the quality and the professional development strategy.


Mr. Gu Chao addressed that arbitration is an important method to resolve disputes besides litigation. It is widely recognized because of its contractual, professional, confidentiality, efficiency, final and bingding legal effect and transnational enforcement . He believes that the implementation of the “The Belt and Road” initiative proposed the practical needs for the construction of credibility of arbitration, also brought great opportunities. We should rely on our existing judicial, arbitration and mediation mechanism, absorb and integrate domestic and foreign legal service resources, establish the alternative dispute resolution mechanism of litigation, arbitration and mediation.


Subsequently, Mr. Gu Chao introduced the experiences of  CMAC arbitration practice for more than 50 years. CMAC has established an efficient and standardized system. First, strictly control the quality of case management, strengthen the protection mechanism of internal work. Second, prudently select arbitrators and improve the competency of the case managers.Third, regularly publish annual reports and case collection, and enhance the transparency of the arbitration service. Fourth, accelerate the development of arbitration and mediation services,  innovate the alternative dispute resolution mechanism.


Finally, Mr. Gu Chao indicated that CMAC as an experienced arbitration institution, has the ability to create Chinese maritime arbitration credibility, to enhance the construction of maritime services for the implementation of  “The Belt and Road” initiative.

Over 200 people from the international arbitration institutions, law firms, companies and universities attended this forum.