On February 1, 2018, Liu Dan, deputy director of Wuhan shipping exchange, Jiang Yuechuan, vice president of Dalian Maritime University law school, Wei Zhijie, director of the Expert Steering Committee of Wuhan Shipping Exchange and other 4 people visited CMAC. Gu Chao, the Secretary General of CMAC, received the representatives of Wuhan Shipping Exchange, accompanied by Chen Bo, Deputy Secretary General of CMAC.


Liu Dan, deputy director of Wuhan shipping exchange, introduced the general situation of Wuhan Shipping Exchange and expressed her wish to strengthen cooperation with CMAC and bring in professional maritime arbitration service. She indicated that the promotion of shipping finance and shipping legal level is an important content to enhance the soft power of shipping, also is the demand of implementation of the “marine power”,  “The Belt and Road” and “the Yangtze River Economic Belt” strategy. Wuhan Shipping Exchange hopes to further cooperate with CMAC in international maritime arbitration, insurance, legal and other fields.


Gu Chao, the secretary general, extended a warm welcome to Liu Dan, and introduced the general situation of CMAC and a series of measures to promote its business development. He expressed that CMAC, as the only national professional maritime arbitration institution which has a nearly 60-year history, owns rich expert resource and extensive influence in maritime arbitration, aviation arbitration and mediation, and other fields. CMAC hopes to strengthen the cooperation with Wuhan Shipping Exchange, to build a professional public service platform for shipping industry, to standardize shipping trade, and to speed up the construction of the middle reaches of the Yangtze River shipping service center in Wuhan. CMAC is willing to make contribution to the “Belt and Road” initiative, “marine power”, “transport power”, and the “Yangtze River Economic Belt” strategies.


Both sides also discussed their respective advantages, high-quality resources, and the construction of a first-class maritime legal service platform. And they also exchanged views on strengthening arbitration legal cooperation and personnel training.