On March 20, 2018, Xie Chen,  member of the Party group and vice president of  Shanghai Maritime Court, and other representatives went to CMAC Shanghai sub-commission to conduct a survey. Xu Fei, Deputy Secretary General of CMAC Shanghai sub-commission, arbitrator Lei Hai, arbitrator Yu Shicheng, consultant of CMAC Shanghai sub-commission, received the vice president of Xie Chen and other representatives. Wei Yang, chief judge of Shanghai Maritime Court filing court, Gao Mingsheng, judge of the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, Zhang Jian, Chen Xianbin, judge of Shanghai Maritime Court. Yu Yu, assistant judge of Shanghai Maritime Court participated in the survey.

In this survey, upon the purpose of “find the problem” and the “find the real problem”, both sides exchanged views on the topics of the cooperation between CMAC and maritime courts, the establishment of Shanghai speed, Shanghai model and Shanghai standard, and the co-construction of Shanghai international maritime judicial center and the promotion and perfection of alternative dispute resolution machanism. Xie Chen, Vice President, listened carefully to the views from arbitral institutions and senior arbitrators.

The two sides further discussed the integration of disputes resolution resourses, improvement of the efficiency of dispute resolution, and how to contribute to the judicial construction of the Shanghai shipping center.