On May 15, 2018(Vancouver time), CMAC and Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) jointly organized a seminar in Vancouver to help Chinese-funded enterprises prevent legal risks. Nearly 60 people from more than 20 Chinese-funded companies in Canada participated in the forum.

The seminar was first addressed by Ms. Yin Qiuhong, Executive Director of the Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Center of VEC and Dr. Chen Bo, Vice General-Secretary and Vice President of the Arbitration Court of CMAC. Both expressed their warm congratulations on this seminar and expressed the hope that as CMAC expands its business presence in North America, more diversified legal services will be provided to Chinese-funded enterprises in Vancouver in the future.

At the seminar, Mr. Xu Huilin, general manager of Tianan Property Insurance Co., Ltd, Prof. Wang Guohua, Dean of Shanghai Maritime University School of Law, Mr. Tong Dengyong, senior partner of Dentons (Ningbo) Law Firm and Mr. Yan Bing, senior partner of Ricc&Co Law Firm.
They spoke about the risks, challenges, opportunities B&R initiative poses to the Chinese-funded enterprises and offered pertinent advice on the prevention and control of legal risks, which was echoed by the attendees.

Vancouver Economic Council (VEC) is the government agency responsible for internal and

external service of trade, investment, economic development, aiming to promoting Vancouver’s trade, investment, and economic development and providing related services for businesses. The cooperation with CMAC, a well-known international arbitration organization with a history of nearly sixty years, VEC and various sectors in Vancouver will further help CMAC go global to serve economic and trade exchanges better and pull forward the implementation of B&R initiative, the investment and other commercial activities of enterprises.