On Nov. 13th, 2018, China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC) and Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) co-hosted the Seminar on “Maritime Arbitration in a Rising Asia: The Singapore and China experience and the SCMA-CMAC Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony”. iphone xs coque animal Over 60 experts, lawyers, etc. from Singapore and China attended the Seminar.

(the Seminar)

The Seminar was hosted by Mr. Dennis Chan, Executive Director of SCMA. coque logo nike iphone 8 At the Seminar, Dr. Bo Chen, Deputy Secretary-General of CMAC addressed a speech on “Maritime Arbitration in China: The Innovation and New Development of CMAC.” She mainly introduced the history of CMAC and China maritime arbitration, the arbitration legal system in China, the structure of the CMAC, the new developments including appointment of new arbitrators and the modification of the CMAC Arbitration Rules, etc. Mr. Qiang Cui, Partner of Commerce & Finance Law Offices/CMAC Arbitrator and Mr. Lei Niu, Partner of Zhong Lun (Shanghai) Law Firm/CMAC Arbitrator respectively delivered the speeches on “Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Maritime Arbitration Awards by Chinese Courts” and “CMAC Maritime Mediation Practice”. They introduced the recognition and enforcement of foreign maritime awards in China and mediation services of CMAC. Mr. Lawrence Tech, Senior Partner of Dentons Rodyk (Singapore Office)/SCMA Arbitrator and Captain LEE Fook Choon, Insurance Loss Adjuster/CMAC and SCMA Arbitrator respectively gave the speeches on “The Importance of Asian Venues for Maritime Arbitration” and “The Complementary Strengths of SCMA and CMAC in Meeting the Challenges of the Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI)”. They shared their views on the prospect of Asia becoming the maritime arbitration hub in the context of the BRI and their high evaluation of the strategic cooperation between SCMA and CMAC.

SCMA-CMAC Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony

After the closing of the Seminar, SCMA and CMAC held the Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony. Mr. Goh Joon Seng, President of SCMA and Dr. Bo Chen signed the Collaboration Agreement on behalf of SCMA and CMAC respectively. Mr. coque iphone x antichoc licorne Kenneth Chia, Executive Director of the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF), Mr. Xiaodong Liu, Deputy Chief Representative of Singapore Representative Office of CCPIT witnessed the Signing Ceremony. According to the Agreement, both parties will promote the maritime arbitration and alternative disputes resolution mechanism in Singapore and China, recommend arbitrators to each other, jointly launch research program, provide to each other hearing facilities, etc. Commenting on the event, Dr. coque silicone blanc iphone x Bo Chen said :“We are very privileged to have this opportunity to establish this collaboration coincided with the signing of The Protocol to Upgrade the Free Trade Agreement between China and Singapore. In the context of the upgrade of the trade liberalization, facilitation, and openness between China and Singapore, CMAC is looking forward to working with SCMA to actively explore new areas of cooperation, provide high-quality arbitration services to parties in the B&R countries and regions, resolve the maritime trade disputes in an impartial, efficient and transparent manner, jointly promote the implementation of the Agreement and strive to build Asia into the international maritime arbitration hub.”

(Dr. Bo Chen issued the Letter of Appointment for Mr. Anish Wadia and Mr. Jagannath Muthu)

Mr. Anish Wadia, Partner of Chambers of Anish Wadia Law Firm and Mr. Jagannath Muthu, Director of NAU Law Firm, the two arbitrators newly recruited by CMAC, were invited to this event. coque iphone xs deadpool Dr. Bo Chen issued them the Letter of Appointment.