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Transaction No.:

Shipper (the Principal is liable for the accuracy and authenticity of “Shipper”)




Required Date of Shipment
Designated shipping company(if any)
Agreement No. of shipowner(if any)
Documents produced for this Entrustment shall be delivered to the Principal. Unless otherwise provided for by law, the Forwarder shall deliver any transportation documents such as the bill of lading to the Principal.



Trade Term:

Requirements of B/L /waybill (alternative, mark√):

Notify Party (the Principal guarantees that the Notify Party could be notified effectively)


Seaway Bill
Port of Loading Transshipment Port (if any) Port of Discharge Ultimate Destination (if any)
Specification, Description and Type of Goods Marks/Nos. Quantity of Containers or Packages Manner of Packaging Gross Weight Measurements
Matters Entrusted (if no item is selected, settlement will be made as per the services actually provided)
Space Booking Customs Declaration Others
Container Haulage Application for Quarantine
Container Packing Container Unpacking
Mode of Transport CY/CY  CFS/CFS   CFS/CY  CY/DOOR  DOOR/DOOR (select one to mark ) Others:
Special Requirements Transshipment allowed Setting temperature of refrigerated container (°C)
Partial shipment allowed IMDG CODE
Self-owned container used Other Special Container Type
Freight Freight Prepaid/Collect USD Port Charges /Lump Sum, etc. CNY
Refer to B/L, if no selection made If no agreement, subject to the amount actually accrued.
Jurisdiction Clauses:


1. Any dispute arising between the Parties during the performance of this Agreement shall be settled through negotiation, and if negotiation fails, shall be filed to China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)/ China Maritime Arbitration Commission (CMAC)               

    Sub-Commission (Arbitration Center).


2. The uncovered matters of this Letter of Entrustment shall be subject to Standard Freight Forwarding Agency Agreement of China Maritime Arbitration Commission.



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Principal (official stamp or special seal for booking)





Special Remarks: