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Please read the following instructions carefully before making an appointment:

(1) Please fill in relevant information, specify the date and time (only working days) for on-site case filing or consultation, and submit it to CMAC.

(2) After submitting the arbitration filing appointment online, the case manager responsible for case filing will contact you to reconfirm the time. Please arrive at the China Maritime Arbitration Commission on the 13th floor of the International Chamber of Commerce Building for case filing consultation according to the confirmed appointment.

(3) If you can't go to the on-site filing on time, please inform the the case manager who have contacted you in advance.

(4) Please make an appointment after preparing the documents in strict accordance with the Guidelines for Arbitration Filing of China Maritime Arbitration Commission, so as to ensure that the materials requested by the Guidelines are ready. If there are too many contents you need to modify and adjust during the on-site review of materials, it is advisable that you can make a new appointment and come to the premise of CMAC again with the modified materials.

Given the current COVID-19 control policy, it is recommended that you can consult with the case manager via telephone (86-10-82217767 / 35 / 37), if you want to know any information concerning the case filing or submit the application for the arbitration filing by mail.



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