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Source:China Maritime Arbitration Commission Time:2021-07-27 12:09:00


Established in 1986, Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association is one of the most active arbitration organizations in Vancouver, with the number of cases being the top among arbitration organizations in Vancouver. It has rich experience in dealing with maritime arbitration cases and has accumulated a good reputation.

In February 2016, The Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association held a seminar on Chinese arbitration in Vancouver. In September 2016, during the China Arbitration Week, the Maritime Arbitrators Association and the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association held two international maritime arbitration seminars in Beijing and Shanghai respectively, and conducted close cooperation. On October 16, 2017, Dennis Pang, chairman of Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association, and his delegation visited CMAC. Both sides expressed the content of updating the cooperation agreement signed by both sides in 2012, so as to make bilateral cooperation more in-depth and pragmatic. Since then, the two sides have held friendly consultations on the text of the cooperation agreement and formally signed the updated friendship and cooperation Agreement in 2019.

The signing of the cooperation agreement with Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association is conducive to strengthening and deepening the institutional cooperation between the two organizations, enhancing the influence of CMAC in North America and the maritime industry, and further consolidating the dominant position of CMAC as China's foreign-related arbitration institution. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, CMAC and Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association jointly held china-Canada Maritime Arbitration Legal Practice Seminar and "China Maritime and Commercial Arbitration High-level Seminar 2021".

For more information about the Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association, please visit https://vmaa.org/


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