• To be a Member of CMAC Panel of Arbitrators

    1、Whatare the requirements for being a foreign member of CMAC Panel of Arbitrators? According to Arbitration Law of the P.R.C, an arbitrator shall meet one of the conditions set forth below: (1) He or she has passed the national uniform legal profession qualification examination and obtained the legal profession qualification, and conducted the arbitration work for eight years or more; (2) To have worked as a lawyer for at least eight years; (3) He or she has served as a judge…


  • Arbitration at CMAC

    1、What are the advantages of arbitration over other methods of dispute resolution? Party Autonomy The principle of “Party Autonomy” forms a cornerstone of international arbitration conventions, national arbitration legislation and institutional arbitration rules. When drafting the arbitration clause, parties may agree upon the seat of arbitration, applicable law and the arbitration procedures, unless such agreement is inoperative or against mandatory provisions of the law applicable to the arbitral proceedings. Once the arbitration procedure is started, each party has the right to appoint independent arbitrators…


  • Does arbitration have the second instance and retrial procedure?

    Arbitral award shall be final and binding, so there is no second instance and retrial procedure in arbitration. Once an arbitral award is made, it shall be final and binding on the parties.


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