Standard Contract

  • Standard Freight Forwarding Agency Agreement

    Download Standard Freight Forwarding Agency Agreement No.: This Agreement is entered into by and between: Principal: (hereinafter referred to as “Party A”) Forwarder: (hereinafter referred to as “Party B”) Definition: This Agreement is the framework agreement between Party A and Party B on the basic rights and obligations in relation to the freight forwarding services in all phases of logistics in connection with various international and national modes of transport, and shall be relied upon by the Parties when negotiating…


  • Letter of Entrustment

    Download  Letter of Entrustment Transaction No.: Shipper (the Principal is liable for the accuracy and authenticity of “Shipper”)       Required Date of Shipment Designated shipping company(if any) Agreement No. of shipowner(if any) Documents produced for this Entrustment shall be delivered to the Principal. Unless otherwise provided for by law, the Forwarder shall deliver any transportation documents such as the bill of lading to the Principal. Consignee     Trade Term: Requirements of B/L /waybill (alternative, mark√): Notify Party (the Principal guarantees that the Notify Party could be…


  • Freight Forwarding Agency Agreement (Simplified)

    Downd Freight Forwarding Agency Agreement (Simplified) Principal (hereafter referred to as “Party A”):   Forwarder (hereafter referred to as “Party B”):   I Services The freight forwarding services Party A entrusts Party B to provide include but are not limited to space booking, customs declaration, application for quarantine and inspection, procurement of cargo insurance, packaging, lashing and securing, supervising loading and discharging, container haulage/redelivery/packing/unpacking, bulk breaking, transshipment, warehousing, preparation/hand-over of relevant documents, settlement of relevant expenses, etc. II Party A’s Obligations  …


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