Self-Check Your Application

  1. The Request for Arbitration shall specify:

1.1 the names and addresses of the Claimant and the Respondent, including the zip code, telephone, telex, fax and telegraph numbers, email addresses or any other means of electronic telecommunications;

1.2 In terms of interest (if any),  please note to us the start & end date, interest rate, the estimated amount of interest at the time of application.

1.3 In terms of loss or damages (such as cost of applying for security, cost of travel,  if any),  please note to us the amount, suggested interest rate, method of calculation and the actual amount happended as of the day of application, and the type of currency.

1.4 The Request shall be signed and/or sealed by the Claimant and/or the attorney authorized by the Claimant. The Request for Arbitration shall be dated the day submitting such Request. Any modification to such Request shall be effective upon signing of the name and date of an authorized person.

2. Relevant exhibits shall include:

2.1 The original of  your arbitration ageement or contract that contains an arbitration clause, for the purpose of proving authenticity of its copies.

2.2 A list of exhibits that is numbered, signed and dated by an authorized person.

3. Identifications shall include:

an original of the certificate of the legal representative and a copy of the business license if the Claimant is a company, or a copy of the ID document if the Claimant is a natural person;

4. the Power of Attorney shall specify:

4.1 Specific authorization (i.e. simply adressing ” special/general power of attorney”would be too general)

4.2 Adress, phone number and facsimile of the attorney.